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So, I was sitting at the restaurant in the hotel this morning eating the breakfast buffet and reading a complementary copy of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. I'm browsing, reading some business news, the sports headlines, etc. when I come across the following article:


I have to say - I like what the camp is doing. I think it's great to take some people who suffer from Tourettes and give them a chance to just do kids summer things surrounded by people that understand them. I think it would've been cool to have a place like this growing up. I also like the fact that they don't focus at all on "teaching" or "addressing" Tourettes with the kids that attend the camp. They don't want the focus to be on the neurological disorder, but instead focus on having a lot of fun at camp for the week.

That begs the question: If the focus is the kids having fun, then why is the camp named "Camp Twitch and Shout"?

This, however, isn't my question. My question is - should I be offended by this? It has no impact on me directly, but to me it would be like naming an AA Meeting the "Can't Hold Your Liqueur Party." It seems to take away from the point of the camp. Maybe they are trying to be overly dramatic to bring attention to it - and if so, they've succeeded.


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It really sucks feeling like someone you considered a close friend just doesn't care anymore.

I learned this morning that my old car - the Lumina - is going to participate in a Monster Truck Show later this month. It is going to be one of the cars that is run over by the monster trucks. It served me well.

On another note - I went and saw Star Trek in IMax last night. It was a fantastic movie. I will definitely buy it on DVD when it comes out (add it to the list of movies I want on DVD) and I will follow the future movies as they come out.

I'm a bit torn on the IMax thing though - with the screen being so big, I think some movies are almost too much for the large screen because you can't take it all in. I saw Superman Returns in IMax and it was good. However, with Star Trek, the ships and sets and special effects are so huge that the screen might be too much. The next Transformers movie might be too much for that screen also. Speaking of which - the next Transformers looks like it could be GREAT.

Two posts in a week - this one is almost completely sports related. I need to get a few things off my chest:

--Big Baby Davis apologized (although I'm on the record saying he didn't have to), and then the father of the kid emailed PTI and apologized, basically saying "My bad, I was an ass." It's nice to see that someone out there will own up to their mistake.

--Kudos to the Boston Bruins. Aaron Ward's eye socket was broken and the team didn't get revenge, they won the next game. Even when Carolina was trying to go up high on Ward (I wonder why), the B's just went out and schooled the wannabe Whalers.

--Tomorrow will be a huge night - two games. Let's hope both the Wings and B's can pull it off to move on. Right now, Pittsburgh is up 6-2 in game 7 of their series against the Caps. I was hoping it would be a closer match.

--This one might take a bit longer: In the series between the Celtics and Bulls, Rajon Rondo had a hard foul late in one of the games. The foul was called, but Bulls fans wanted a flagrant to be called. This led to the conversation of "What fouls should be called in the last 5 minutes of a game?" Many sports-related people (tv show hosts, broadcasters, etc.) said that fewer fouls should be called late in the game. They think the refs should not decide the outcome, so the whistles should be put away more frequently.

Fast forward to a few days later: Dallas is up by 2 and Denver is inbounding the ball. Dallas has a foul to give (if you don't know what that means, I'll explain later) so they try to foul Carmello Anthony. The refs don't call the foul (2 seconds left in the game) and Melo hits a game winning 3-pointer. Now most broadcasters are screaming saying a foul should have been called. They are saying things like "The refs should have known the situation and expected the foul." I'm sorry, but if you want the refs to know, do a better job coaching and tell the refs what you are going to do.

I have a great analogy for this, but it would make the LJ post too long. :)

--Manny Ramirez just tarnished the great seasons the Red Sox had in 2004 and 2007. In the court of public opinion, people are going to automatically associate Manny's positive test with the success of his teams. People will think that other Sox players cheated in '04 and '07. Thanks Manny - not only did you quit on your team to get traded, you have taken some of the majesty away from the two titles. Asshole.

I could probably come up with more - but this is going to take enough of your friend's pages. :)

One of those days at work. Something happened that set me off, which pretty much kills my mood for the rest of the day. Normally, I'd come home and have a beer to unwind. Unfortunately, I have no beer, so Tiff put together a Rum & Coke for me. I don't drink these anymore, but today deserves it. :)

Overall, things are going okay. I fixed my screen on the porch, and I discovered how handy a hand held staple gun could come in handy. I think I'll add one to my Amazon list. Tiff talked about the busy May in her LJ, so I won't go into that much. I am excited about going to Atlanta, especially given how cheap the overall trip will be with regards to out of pocket cost.

A few quick notes:

--Big Baby SHOULD NOT HAVE APOLOGIZED!! If you're going to spend thousands of dollars to sit 1 foot from being in play at a pro playoff basketball game, you have to anticipate that you might get bumped into.

--The goon for Carolina should have been suspended for at least the remainder of this series (against the Bruins). Aaron Ward (Boston) was engaged with one guy when the goon inserted himself into the situation. Ward didn't have his gloves off - he was just jawing and shoving. The Carolina goon (sorry - I can't think of his name) dropped his gloves and hit a defenseless player who wasn't expecting a punch. SUSPEND THE F-ING PRICK!!!!

I have other sports thoughts - but those will show up in an LJ post in the near future. For now, time for food.

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Another nice few days has me in the mood to get outside. I might drag Tiff to a golf course tomorrow (she owes me, but that's another story) because I like getting a bit of exercise/practice in and it's nice to walk the course.

I had to get my car window fixed today - the passenger side front window wouldn't roll down. Good thing it's still under warranty. :)

Here's the question that prompted my post: Does anyone know the band OhGr? I was going through the CDs in my car, and I came across a CD that wasn't marked. I threw it in my computer, and it's a CD called "Welt" by OhGr. Anyone...?

So, it's been a while since I posted. Thought I'd drop a line about what's going on...

I hit the golf course today for the first round of the year. I hit the ball pretty well. I shot a 47 for 9 (on pace for a round under 100, which is good). I ripped a couple of drives, which is good because I'm normally not good w/ a driver. Once I get that down, my next goal is my really short game (getting a ball to stop on the green).

Work is going okay. Some changes which could prove to be very frustrating. I can't go into specifics, but it's going to be a waiting game to see how everything plays out.

So, a couple of other items. I've had a couple of people at work try to talk me into setting up a Facebook page. I kinda like the idea of having a "picture gallery" (like I did on MySpace - which I have cancelled. I've seen some people use Facebook, and I like the concept / layout a bit better. But, I'm not sure if I would have enough time, and I know a lot of people from work are on there... Basically, I'm weighing my options, but I don't know yet. I do kinda like being able to log in and make a brief comment (like a sentence or two) and then move on.

I'm leaning towards going to grad school. I'm sitting down with my buddy Steve next week who is just getting done his MBA. I'm going to pick his brain and whatnot. My first step would be to start studying for the GMAT's. I was thinking about this - and I think not only would I enjoy grad school, I think I'd be very good at it. I have a lot of good work experience under my belt. So, we'll see about that.

Anyways - I'd say more but dinner is ready. I have to go eat before Tiff kills me.


So...the past couple of months have been stressful. Tiff's car in the winter, the apartment with the holes in the ceiling, work (layoffs, changes, rollbacks, etc.). It's been a lot.

However, on Friday - a group of us got together for Hockey East games in Boston. It was me, Tiff, Scott, Dusty, Eric, Maggie and Paul. Overall, the weekend was good. I got worked up about something on Saturday (I'm partly to blame for not speaking up, but sometimes I keep quiet in an effort to make everyone else happy). However, overall it was a great time with lots of great hockey.

Unfortunately, neither Maggie (sick) or Paul (knee problems) could make it to the Saturday game. I hope you're both doing better. Sorry you missed it. Lowell got screwed in that game. Maybe they still wouldn't have won, but I have NO IDEA how you get that call wrong with a replay.

The weekend weather was nice, which always helps my spirits. Today (Monday) the sun was out (cold, but that's okay). Work was normal - but it felt productive, which builds on my good mood. When I got home, the bedroom was all fixed. No more holes, no more paint peeling from the wall, etc. On top of that, we re-arranged the bedroom just a bit - and I GOT MY WAY. Basically, I wanted to move a couple of things, and Tiff agreed. I'm sure it'll take some getting used to for her, but I'm happy with the slightly new layout. :)

Anyways, we grabbed some Quizno's tonight, did some laundry and settled in for some TV and relaxing. I always feel good about a productive day, and it's even better given how much more upbeat I feel right now. Plus, 'Cuse is in the sweet 16.


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If you have 56 minutes and want to watch something pretty informative and entertaining, take a look at the following: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/meltdown/

It's a PBS show with interviews and information about the meltdown in the markets, specifically looking at Bear Sterns, Lehman Brothers, AIG, etc. It talks a lot about "moral hazard" and the role it played, as well as the systemic risk of saving some companies or letting some companies fail.

There are interviews with high-level employees of the companies involved, as well as people who were in meetings or on calls where the decisions were made. If you don't know much about it, you can learn a lot, and if you do, you can probably still learn some.

So, it's been a while since I posted, and I wish I had some uplifting or happy topics to post about. Unfortunately, I don't.

A couple of weeks ago, we went through some layoffs at work. A few people I know were let go. A couple of them I was friendly with. I didn't see any "friends" get let go, but still, it's tough when you watch 10 - 12 people that you know and respected get walked out. Unfortunately, this is the environment we're in right now. That's what I get for working in the financial industry. The silver lining I guess is two fold. 1) I wasn't one of the people let go (I was never really worried about that) and 2) The company is still in good shape, much better when compared with our competitors.

For those that aren't aware, we are broken up into "teams" at work. There are 13 "teams" in my department, each one has a SFS (my role). Well, we found out today that we are reducing the number of teams from 13 down to 10. The company is working towards an ideal reps/manager headcount. I can understand it, so it doesn't really bother me. What it means, though, is that there will be a change in the Help Desk (the group I work on). We have some Help Desk reps who sit with teams (like me) and some that don't. By reducing the teams, we juggle who is where, and some will probably be "rolled back" to their previous role.

Then - I found out over the weekend that a friend at work - someone I consider close - has leukemia. He's not as close as say Scott or Hasan, but someone I definitely consider a good friend. He's upbeat and there's a lot of positive things to hang our hats on. It's only stage one, he's young, he's fairly healthy and he's surrounded by friends and family.

Another friend of mine has been suffering from an abnormal heartbeat that they think is "stress induced" over the past few days. He's got some personal things that have been weighing him down, and I feel so bad for him. Both of these friends are way too young to have to be dealing with the things they are dealing with. But, it puts a lot of things in perspective for someone like me. I've been upset about my living situation, and then these balls drop.

Anyways...just wanted to vent a little bit. Wish me luck over the next few days. I'll catch up with everyone later.

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